Bee-dazzling design and development


Who am I?

Hi, my name is Melissa Bogemans. I'm an 19 year old girl from Belgium with a passion for design.

That's the reason for my decision to study Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More in Mechelen.

I have always been very creative and would like to do this as part of my future professional career.



Matchbox drawing


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My first project for visual content creation was to draw a matchbox in perspective.

Room drawing


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For our second assignment we had to draw our room both in one-point and two-point perspective. I drew my room in one-point perspective and my parents' room in two-point perspective. I used a lot of shadow to create a real 3D feeling.

Personal branding


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A portfolio website obviously needs a logo. This is my personal logo for my portfolio. It consists of a little bee, because Melissa means honeybee in Greek and my name itself, Melissa.



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Another assignment was to choose a word and make a logo of the word. I made of logo of the word t-shirt. The T in my word has the shape of a t-shirt.



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For this project we were asked to make e-cards for 5 different radio stations. I made one for Joe fm, MNM, Nostalgie, Q-music and Studio Brussel.



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I participated six times in the Smashing magazine Wallpaper contest. Because I was one of the winners in December, I decided to make one for January too. And once again they chose my wallpaper, and I was one of the selected winners. Untill now I already made 6 wallpapers.

Negative space


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For the negative space assignment I made a black and white chicken. In the negative space you can see an egg between her legs .



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For the superhero assignment I designed a hero called 'Baking Girl'. She fights against the bad guys with her forsting gun. Her enemy is Agressa. She has the power of throwing fireballs at her opponents.

Redesign gym


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As a project for Webtech we had to do a redesign of the creativity gym website. For this assignment we had to use all the things we had learned the past semester. For example: designing, coding, making mockups and prototypes.

Google Doodle


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As a project for Webtech Animation we had to make a Google Doodle. Mine is about National Pecan Day.

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As a project for Webtech Animation we had to make a Google Doodle. Mine is about National Pecan Day.

21st century skills

Skill 1


Social Cultural Skills

I wrote a report about the IMD Café which took place the 27th of october 2016. At first I didn't know what to expect, but I really enjoyed it.

Skill 2


Critical thinking

For my second skill I went to the KIKK Festival in Namen with some friends. I chose this to boost my critical thinking skill and to learn some new things about design and development.

Skill 3



Since I really enjoyed making a wallpaper for Smashing Magazine, I decided to do this every month. Untill now my wallpaper was chosen each month from December untill March.

Skill 4


Working together

For our groupproject we decided to organise a daytrip to Disneyland Paris.

Skill 5


Ict literacy

To boost my html and css skills I asked my local bicycle repairer if I could do a redesign of his website. Check it out here!

Skill 6



During the year I have been sewing different things like bags, pencil case, dresses... For every bag I sold to friends or family I donated €1 to charity.

Do you want to work with me, or just have a nice chat? contact me!

Send me an email at melissa[at]

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